Harlie’s Testimony

Mar 11, 16 • News Harlie’s Testimony

I am Harlie, I am 27 and from Warragul. I am just finishing up here at Foundation 61 and moving to the transition house after being here for 7 months and would like to share a bit of my story. How I got here, my experience here and my plans for my life when I leave.

I started using drugs shortly after my parents broke up when I was 8 and managed to keep it from them until I was 15 when my father caught me using. I told him how long I was already using for, he just blamed himself and accepted it as the years went on. So I did my drugs habit and if I wasn’t on drugs I would be drinking and over the years I would switch back and forth between drugs and alcohol. Eventually I got sick of doing this and about 2 years ago (I was now on Ice from age 21), I joined TIMP (The Ice Meltdown Project) where they mentioned to me about going to rehab. I was working at the time so wasn’t going to do that. Over the next two years I gave up on myself, quit my job and was considering suicide (I had already tried after quitting my job). Janice who runs TIMP rang me and asked again if I would go to Rehab, so I said I would. 3 hours later Janice called and said she had got me into rehab and I had to be there by 10.30am the next day. I remember being scared and upset when I was heading to Foundation 61, not knowing what to expect. It has been the best decision I have ever made and the hardest, by far I was my own worst enemy before coming here. I have now become my own best friend, through the staff and participants slowly building me up and been given the tools I need to overcome my own issues. Finding God and being able to forgive myself. I cannot thank all the staff at Foundation 61 and TIMP enough for giving me this life changing opportunity and the support of family and friends through these hard times.

My plans are to get my licence back and to finish my building apprenticeship (I have completed all the theory and only have 6 months practical to go). I also plan to finish my Diploma in Counselling which I started here at Foundation 61 and to build a new life here in Geelong. I feel like a new person. Thanks for reading my story and once again a huge thanks to the staff at Foundation 61, they do an amazing job here.

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